We offer a full range of pharmacy services that are tailored to your specific needs in long-term care communities, from the first call until delivery. Our value-added services include:

Assisted Living Facilities
Nursing Facilities
Barcode Technology
Billing Specialists
Educational Opportunities
IV Therapies
Routine Deliveries
Access to Emergency Medications

Assisted Living Facilities

We provide a range of medical products to residents in assisted living facilities, residential facilities where residents require assistance with daily living but do not require skilled nursing services. Every quarter our pharmacists review individual charts, inspect med rooms and units, and review narcotic documentation. The focus of quarterly onsite pharmacy support is patient safety, and quarterly onsite services comply with or exceed all state and federal regulations.

Nursing Facilities

Residents in nursing facilities require custodial care, ongoing skilled nursing support and a wide range of medical products. Every month, our consultant pharmacists work onsite in nursing facilities where they review charts for each resident, inspect nursing units, review narcotic documentation (and/ or assist with destruction), conduct med pass observations and develop medication trend analysis/ reports for individuals and the facility. As follow up to the review and analysis, pharmacists make clinical recommendations to physicians and/ or facility nursing staff. Our pharmacists may also participate in facility committees, state pre-surveys, problem-solving situations and system development. The focus of monthly onsite pharmacy support is patient safety, and onsite consultant services comply with or exceed all state and federal regulations.

Barcode technology, eMARs and FrameworkLink

We use state-of-the-art barcode technology and computerized workflow tracking to assure timely and accurate medication dispensing and superior customer service. We utilize multiple eMAR interface products to allow facility staff to electronically submit medication refill requests, increase productivity in their facility and facilitate accurate, timely medication dispensing. FrameworkLink is our most recent technology offering in our pharmacy system. It provides facility staff with a secure link to a Web portal where they are able to refill prescriptions, print medical records, and complete leave of absence and destruction documentation. FrameworkLink also allows facility staff to track and receive orders electronically, a time-saving option for your patient care staff.

Billing specialists assist facilities, patients and patient families

We understand accurate billing is a major component of our customer service. Our billing specialists are highly trained in all aspects of insurance and Medicare claims processing. They work to maximize the benefits residents receive from their prescription insurance coverage and to provide prompt, courteous, friendly and informative support to facility representatives, to residents and to the families of residents.

Educational opportunities and in-services at no cost to facilities

We combine the spirit of a local pharmacy with the technology and resources of a national healthcare organization to support the unique business objectives of each facility, large or small. To assist facility staff meet constantly changing technology requirements, medication delivery systems and state and federal regulations, our pharmacy representatives provide onsite customized professional development programs and in-services. Our pharmacy staff is a resource residential care facilities can utilize to keep abreast of changes and to maintain the highest level of care for their residents.

IV therapies and compounding services

IV infusion therapy and compounding services meet the special needs of patients requiring additional care. We provide IV therapies and the IV pumps to support them. IV therapies are used most frequently by patients to avoid potentially life-threatening infections or to provide end-of-life pain management. Our customized compounding products provide facility staff with cost-effective and ease-of-medication administration options for a broad range of patient-specific needs.

Routine deliveries

Each scheduled delivery includes consolidated delivery sheets with resident name, medications delivered and quantities delivered. Each delivery sheet has a bar code that our delivery staff scans and uploads straight to our pharmacy after facility signature. Our delivery services are an important part of our overall quality of service.

Access to emergency medications at all times

We understand medication questions and emergencies may arise after our long term care pharmacy has closed. In an emergency, an on-call consultant pharmacist is available to answer questions and dispense medications 24hrs/ day and 7 days/ week. Facility nursing staff may also have immediate access to emergency medications via a computerized medication system or a customized supply of emergency medications provided onsite to residential facilities by our pharmacy at no additional cost to the facility.