Guardian Piedmont’s pharmacist department consist of our in-house pharmacists and consultant pharmacists with over 20 years’ pharmacy experience. Our pharmacists ensure accuracy in the final product, from order verification to product inspection. Our pharmacists provide clinical knowledge and support to our facilities in-house with day to day operations to field support with pharmacy consulting.


Guardian Piedmont’s data entry team consists of certified pharmacy technicians who enter all doctor’s orders for our facilities, answer facility questions, and process refill requests. Each facility has their own data entry staff member delegated to them with the goal to provide one on one attention, with customer service our number one focus.


Guardian Piedmont’s fulfillment team consists of pharmacy technicians with IV, unit dose, and automated dispensing experience. Each medication is accurately packaged using a bar code system for safety, with the pharmacist performing a final check on the product. Our fulfillment team work with several different dispensing systems and are knowledgeable in efficiency and accuracy.


Guardian Piedmont’s Billing Department, led by Janice Miller, is comprised of 4 in-house “seasoned veterans,” some of which have over 25 years of long term care experience billing on multiple pharmacy software platforms. The Billing Department’s primary responsibilities are to bill the correct insurance for all medications and assist its customers with answers to their varied questions so they fully understand why they are charged and enable the pharmacy to receive timely payments.